Work on Friesenbrücke and Wunderline visibly progressing

In November 2022, Deutsche Bahn (DB) began work on the new construction of the Friesenbrücke over the river Ems. On 15 November 2022, a press conference was held on site with those involved in the project. Besides the DB project team, the construction companies that will build the new Friesenbrücke - international, experienced and with a lot of expertise - also introduced themselves for the first time.

These construction companies are the bridge and structural engineering firm Adam Hörnig and MCE, which is responsible for the steel construction and mechanical engineering of the new bridge. The firm Depenbrock, which has already successfully supervised the demolition of the destroyed Friesenbrücke, is also involved again and is now continuing the important hydraulic engineering work in the Ems. The new construction of the Friesenbrücke requires the construction of the movable bridge (including machine technology), the enlargement of the bridge operator's house, the construction of an electronic signal box and underground cable work.

Source: DB Netz AG; Pictured are Georg Haase (Nautitec), Henning Lohmann, (IBL Ingenieurgesellschaft Behnen), Stefan Schwede and Patrick Carr (both DB Netz AG), Ingo Fehrenbach (Depenbrock Ingenieurwasserbau), Alexander Krölls (Adam Hörnig, Ingenieur- und Brückenbau), Sascha Grubmüller and Markus Plakolb (MCE, Brücken- und Stahlbau sowie Maschinen-, Elektro- und Steuerungstechnik (v. l. n. r.) (November 2022).

And what is currently happening on the construction site? Quite a lot! Scaffolding has been built at the construction site for the accessibility of hydraulic equipment. In addition, after drilling piles in the foreshore of the embankment, test loads have been carried out to ensure that the drilled piles for the later piers can safely carry the loads. Foundation work for the piers of the new bridge is due to begin in April 2023. Follow the progress of the construction of the Friesenbrücke here.

Source: DB Netz AG (January/February 2023)

Not only on the Friesenbrücke, but also on the Wunderline, work is in progress. In February, trees and bushes at Ihrhove station were pruned in preparation for the construction site. The clearance is needed to carry out catenary work and prepare materials for the start of construction in autumn 2023. Read more in Deutsche Bahn's official press release.

"Things are now visibly progressing as planned in both projects. Nevertheless, the projects are complex and closely interlinked, which requires a high degree of technical know-how, coordination, strategic thinking and team cohesion. Despite all the challenges, our goal is still to go live with both measures at the end of 2024. We are giving everything to achieve this," Patrick Carr, Portfolio Manager Bremen-Osnabrück, DB Netz AG.