Regional minister Gräper-Van Koolwijk travels to Lower Saxony for second part of the Wunderline job rotation

On 9 and 10 June, regional minister for the province of Groningen Fleur Gräper-Van Koolwijk visited Lower Saxony. She was invited by her Wunderline colleague State Secretary Berend Lindner. The visit to Lower Saxony was the 2nd part of the Wunderline job rotation between the officials.

Learning from each other's worlds

The job rotation is a great way to learn from each other's worlds and to strengthen the German-Dutch collaboration. And to gain knowledge of working operations over the border. During the work visit in Lower Saxony, Gräper- Van Koolwijk and Lindner discussed the Wunderline developments. Both officials are members of the Wunderline Steering Committee.


The programme included a visit to the 'Landesamt’ for Mining, Energy and Geology (LBEG). This geological centre is committed to the conservation and sustainable use of natural raw materials and resources. The officials were then given a tour of the parliament building for the State of Lower Saxony, followed by a joint dinner. The programme concluded on Friday 10 June with a visit to the Hanover airport.

Job rotation

The idea for the job rotation was hatched at the Wunderline Community in 2020. Gräper-Van Koolwijk and Lindner indicated during this meeting that they would like to take a look behind the scenes in each other's country. The first part of the job rotation between Gräper-Van Koolwijk and Lindner was delayed due to Covid-19 and finally took place in April 2022.