Wunderline Chain Mobility Network cooperation extended until 2027

Cross-border cooperation to improve mobility around the Wunderline will continue until 2027. German and Dutch administrators and other members of Network Chain Mobility Wunderline have decided to extend their organisation's membership by three years.

Wunderline chain mobility network

Established in 2019, the network consists of 26 partners from the northern border region of the Netherlands and Germany, including municipalities, cities, Landkreise, province of Groningen, states of Lower Saxony and Bremen and regional public transport organisations along the Groningen-Bremen rail link. Together, they are working on measures at and around the stations that are laid down in the Implementation Programme "More Region, More Passengers". This programme will be updated in the coming months. Projects that emerged during the networking phase, such as the WunderlineGO app and a student challenge on the station environment will be continued or started. The topic of cycling offers numerous opportunities to work on and the network has more ideas that will be taken up in the coming months.

Regional added value of rail connection

The measures, such as the improvement of the station environment, construction of bicycle highways, car parks and bicycle parking facilities, are intended to make rail travel as easy and attractive as possible and to increase the regional added value of the rail connection. This simultaneous implementation of measures on and along the tracks and the structural cooperation within the framework of a regional and international network for optimal mobility on a cross-border rail route of more than 170 kilometres is unique in Europe.

Sustainable and equal alternative to the car

The Wunderline project is working to improve the quality of the Groningen-Bremen rail connection. By reducing travel time, the rail connection offers travellers a sustainable and equal alternative to the car. This is based on the administrative ambition to socio-economically strengthen and bring the northern border region of the Netherlands and Germany closer together. The first construction phase of the Wunderline project will be completed in 2025.